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National Championships 2013

The dropzone is hosting skydiving competitions for Formation Skydiving, Freefly, Frestyle, VFS, and Speed. Are you looking for a place to team train where you can do 20 jumps a day?

+ live scores

All scores for the 2013 Event can be found here:

Scores 2013:

Scores will be updated periodically through the day for Omniskore above.

National Championships 2012 Scores:

Scores 2012:

  • AAA Please be aware, this is a spreadsheet and takes into account semi-final, final scores and that of open teams.
  • AA
  • A
  • Rookie
  • VFS

Hibaldstow 2012 4-Way Cup Scores:
All scores at the moment are held in a Spreadsheet - Results 2012.

Scores 2011:

Past Photos and Results:

Photos for the 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009 National Championships. Older photo archives will be added soon.

Results for 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 and 2005. More archived results dating back to 2003 can be found on the BPA's website

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+ competition information
New 2013 Dates for each discipline:

Six days are scheduled for each competition discipline.

  • Saturday 24th to Monday 26th August 2013: 4way and VFS.
  • Saturday 31st August to Monday 2nd September 2013: 8way, Artistics and Speed Skydiving + reserve weekend for 4way & VFS.
  • Saturday 7th to Monday 9th September 2013: Reserve weekend for 8way, Artistics and Speed Skydiving.

Information regarding competition entry, registration, prices, total rounds, accommodation and official rules will be released here once they have been decided.

+ how to enter

How to pre-register for the 2013 Nationals:

The standard registration cost for the 2013 Nationals is £50 per person (£15 for additional disciplines). A discounted registration rate is available to all those teams who register and pay in full by 1700hrs on Wed 21 Aug (weekend 1) and 1700hrs on Wed 28 Aug (weekend 2). The discounted registration fee is £35 per person (£10 for each additional discipline).

1) We strongly recommend that each skydiving competitor reads the full rules carefully. They can be found here.
2) Download a copy of the BPA Nationals Entry form 2013. It is an editable pdf. (form 274). Only one per team is required, so this should be done by the Team Leader.
3) Click on each text entry area and you will then be able to type in your details. Make sure ALL team member details are fully completed. (You will need Adobe Reader)

3a) Senior Teams Only – If you have not already obtained your sporting licence please complete the application / renewal form and return to the BPA or to the DZ with your registration form. Forms can be found here.
4) You can either print, sign and scan the form before e-mailing or simply save the form and email it to dz@skydiving.co.uk (or post or fax if you prefer). You will receive an email confirming your form has been received and advising you of the registration & jump fees your particular team has to pay. In order for us to work out the prices correctly please ensure you tell us if someone is jumping in two teams.
5) You will receive an electronic payment link to enable you and your team to pay for the competition. Please follow the instructions in order to pay for the competition, alternatively please call the Office DZ on 01652 648837 to pay the competition fee for your team. You can use any of the following payment methods:

  • Debit card

  • Credit card - subject to 3% surcharge.

  • Payal - use email address info@skydiving.co.uk. This is also subject to 3% surcharge.

  • Bank transfer

Please note, your team is not registered for the competition until the registration form has been fully completed and returned to the DZ and payment for the competition has been made in full (NB: signatures can be added to your form on arrival at the DZ).

6) Download the Nationals Booklet.

7) Arrive at the dropzone on Friday 23rd August or Friday 30th August 2013 (depending on your discipline) and you'll find the form printed out and ready for all the team to sign.


Registration officially closes at 17:00 on the Friday evening before each event starts, so we MUST receive your Entry form and the teams registration fee by then (or by 1700hrs on the Weds prior to the event starting in order to qualify for the discounted registration fee) and at least one team member must be present for the competition brief at 19:00 and subsequent draw (if applicable).

The DZ Office usually should be open until around 21:00 to collect any remaining signatures and payments from those travelling long distances to the DZ.

Kit & Docs Check:

You will need to complete and sign a Hibaldstow Membership form if:

  • If you have not jumped at Hibaldstow since April

  • If your kit-tag is out of date or you have had a reserve repack since you last jumped at Hib.

  • If you have never jumped at our dropzone before.

You can print this off and bring with you on the day to help speed up the kit check.

Please remember to bring the following documentation with you:

  • Your kit and reserve documentation to show it is in date. This should include the Record of Inspection Form (white A4 sheet) if your rig was repacked in the UK in addition to the reserve packing data card.
  • All parachutists must be current members of the British Parachute Association. Except in the case of other European Union (EU) parachutists, who are current members of their own country’s parachuting governing organisations, are FAI certificated, have a minimum of 100 descents and hold current third party liability insurance cover of a minimum of €1,300,000. Temporary BPA membership can be taken out at the DZ for those who are eligible.
  • Current BPA medical form 114 (Declaration of Fitness form). If you are aged 40 or over, make sure this has been signed and stamped by your doctor. If you are self-certifying, please bring this same form. Parachutists from a foreign country may parachute at a BPA Club if he/she fulfils the medical requirements of that parachutist’s own country.
  • An up to date, signed logbook of your jumps.
  • FAI Licence with an FS1 sticker for formation skydiving competitors, All Freefly B and Freestyle B competitors will require FF1. All VFS, Freefly A and Freestyle A competitors will require FF2.
  • Speed skydiving competitors must have 200 jumps, 20 jumps in the last 3 months and a recommendation from the CCI.
  • An FAI sporting license with 2013 stamp (for senior categories only). To apply in advance, please complete the application / renewal form and send to the BPA Office or to the DZ: Form.


+ sponsors

Sponsors for the 2013 event will be announced soon.

Tel +44 (0)1652 648837    info@skydiving.co.uk